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On Tuesday, December 10, 2019, Ate Mawi bought us tickets to go to the Legoland Discovery Center to fulfill Zeke’s wildest dreams. It’s a pretty cool place located in Phipps Plaza that has all things Legos. There’s a couple rides, a play area, and, of course, Legos for you to play with.

Zeke’s favorite part was a foam pit where the foam blocks were actually giant Legos. While Ate Mawi and Donald built a big wall out of them, he jumped around and threw them everywhere. Next to the foam pit was a little slide. At first, he wouldn’t go down unless Donald was at the top with him. Eventually he got a little more courage and tried to slide on his own. Instead, he went head first and hit the side of the slide, but A for effort, right?

Don’t worry, he’s fine.

When you put a lot of children ages 7 and below in one place, the support and camaraderie amongst them is impressive. They have one of those play areas like they have at McDonald’s but bigger. Zeke, being only almost two years old, doesn’t have the ability to climb as well as a five year old has. It took him awhile to get to the top, but with a little help from Donald and Ate Mawi and the children around him cheering him on, he made it. Until he came to his only way down: another slide, which caused Donald to go up and fetch him.

Speaking of Donald, adults can have fun in this place, too. One area had parts to build cars and tracks to test them. Donald spent most of his time here. Once Donald, Ate Mawi, or I finished a car to test, Zeke would sit at the bottom of the track and take them apart once they got to him. At one point, Donald was so immersed in his car building that a Legoland employee had to come and tell him to get Zeke off the track. (I was in the bathroom changing Theo, oops.)

All in all, it was a really fun experience for all of us. We’re going to the Legoland Florida theme park for Zeke’s birthday, so if he enjoyed a little part of a mall this much, I’m excited to see how much fun he’ll have in a whole theme park.

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