mini vacay part 4: all around| moving markets

being tourists | blogmas day 14 (three days late omg)

The last part of our trip to Atlanta was jam packed with lots of fun things. Friday night, Donald and I had a much needed date night. Shout out to Ate Mawi and Steven for letting that happen. The next day, we hopped in the car, grabbed some Sweet Hut (coffee milk tea with cheese foam, thank you very much) and made our way to Monroe, Georgia, for the first module of the CLP for SFC/Campus-Based in Georgia.

On Sunday, we went to Mass, Ponce City Market, and Piedmont Park. Ponce City Market is a pretty cool place. It’s like Armature Works in Tampa or Chelsea Market in New York. We had some amazing pasta and okay coffee before making our way to Piedmont Park via the Belt Line. Zeke (and Theo but what’s new?) napped in the stroller all the way from the market through part of the park, but when he woke up and saw where we were, he took off.

We tried to get a nice family photo at Piedmont Park, but every time we brought Theo near Zeke, he freaked out. We’re working on it.


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