mini vacay part 5: the food | moving markets

i’m hungry | blogmas day 15 (two days late ok)

Food. Food. Food. I definitely gained so much weight this vacation. I also surprised myself with how much I ate. There were times when I ate more than others. Please enjoy this list of the food and drinks we had while in Atlanta.

Day One: Papa John’s pizzas. We got to Atlanta close to 9PM and Ate Mawi had pizzas waiting for us. Super Hawaiian and alfredo sauce with chicken and mushrooms. Delicious.

Day Two: We had Earl of Sandwich at Phipps Plaza for lunch after Legoland. I always get the Hawaiian bbq sandwich at Disney Springs, but let me tell you, this one was so much better. It was bigger and so delicious. For dinner, Donald cooked some pork tenderloin Ate Mawi got at Kroger. He also stir-fried vegetables. Yum.

Day Three: Honestly, I don’t remember what we had for lunch because I did not leave the house. For dinner, Donald made classic salmon patties and more stir fried veggies. Mmm.

Day Four: Donald and I went to Waikikie Hawaiian BBQ. They had the best Spam musubi I’ve ever had and a really good fried rice. Their homemade teriyaki sauce is to die for. Afterwards, we went to Piedmont Park and walked a bunch, so we stopped at Sweet Hut on the way home for some mango slushes. I got mine with strawberry popping jelly.  That night, we had Korean BBQ at home with meats from H Mart. Amazing.

Day Five: For lunch, we met up with Dana at Lanzhou Ramen where they hand-pull the noodles in store. They were some amazing noodles. Ate Mawi introduced us to Tea Top where they make taro milk tea with REAL taro. It has taro CHUNKS in it and we got it with sago. It changed my life. Seriously. Donald and I had popcorn and candy for dinner because we are children. Oops.

Day Six: On the way to Monroe for the CLP, we had Sweet Hut for breakfast. I got the coffee milk tea with cheese foam (I’m obsessed with cheese foam now, you don’t understand). We also got nuggets and some pastries. The CFC made lunch for everyone at the CLP. You can’t go wrong with homemade Filipino food. For dinner, in honor of Jam, we went to Bocado burger. I finished my burger, all my garlic & herb fries, and a majority of Ate Mawi’s fries. How does that happen? Delicioso.

Day Seven: Ponce City Market has a top notch pasta place that we ate at for lunch. On the way home, we got Tea Top, again. I went into major excess mode and got the taro milk tea with sago and cheese foam on top. I could not get enough. Ate Mawi made chicken tinola for dinner which made me feel all warm inside. Masarap.

Day Eight: Before hitting the road for home, we met up with Ate Mawi on her lunch break at Village Burger. They have your classic burger and it was delicious. On the way out, we had to stop at Sweet Hut for pastries to go, and, of course, Tea Top for drinks. I got the taro milk tea with sago and cheese foam again. I meant it when I said I couldn’t get enough. We wanted to stop in Gainesville on the way home for dinner, but there was too much traffic, so we stopped at a Wawa for chicken & mashed potatoes to eat in the car while we drove. Yey.

Did this make you hungry? Me, too.

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