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I have done absolutely nothing today except watch YouTube videos. Donald and Mickey went to the storage unit to clean it out, and I have not gotten off the couch since they left. Today was also one of those days that Theo just wanted to be held all the time. Zeke was a good boy and played with his Legos most of the time and actually went down for a nap when I wanted him to. So other than that, the couch, YouTube, and Theo in my arms is how I spent my day. Everyone has their own assortment of YouTube channels that they follow. Here are mine.

KathleenLights. I think I briefly mentioned my love for Kathleen in an earlier post, but the love is real. She is one of the first make up artists I’ve ever watched and I think I’ve seen almost every single one of her videos starting in 2015. She is what inspires me to keep my make up hobby going. I buy most of the products she creates and also a lot of the products that she mentions. I watch her so much I’ve taken on some of her sayings and mannerisms. Love her mucho.

Bon AppétitI mainly watch the Gourmet Makes series. It’s cool to watch some of my favorite processed foods made…not-processed. I also really enjoy watching their Making Perfect series as well as the Back-to-Back Chef videos that guest star some cool celebrities. I am not a chef by any means, but cooking videos are still some of my favorite videos to watch.

Binging with BabishYes, another cooking channel. I like this guy for his “Basics with Babish” episodes. I’ve never tried to follow anything that he makes, but I keep telling myself that one day I will. My favorite types of cooking videos are the dessert ones, so I mainly watch those on this channel.

The Beauty Vault, Kiara Sky Nails, katesnails, and cutepolishThese are the channels I watch for nails. I like the Beauty Vault because she’s a professional make up artist, but not a professional nail tech, so her nail videos are more for the DIY-ers like I’m trying to be. The same goes for katesnails. I’ve watched cutepolish for years for their nail art tutorials and their nail hacks. I watch Kiara Sky for tips from professionals.

DisneyMusicVEVOBecause I need to know when High School Musical: The Musical: The Series released new music. Yeah.

Aside from channels that I subscribe to, I watch a lot of dance videos, random interviews, and highlights of the Florida Gators.

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