2020 goals | into my mind

new year, new decade, improved me.

Happy New Year!! It’s a new year, a new decade, and, apparently, that prompts everyone to start anew themselves. I am no exception. After all the changes 2019 brought to my life, I’m ready to get back into something, anything. So, during one of my many breastfeeding sessions where I just sit there on my phone, I thought of a few things.

This blog. I really want to keep up with my blog this year. For me, it gives me something to do. With Donald at school and myself at home with the kiddos on my own, I need this. I will be starting to take one class at a time towards my degree in March, and I might find a part-time job, but even then, I need more. That being said, stay tuned every Monday and Thursday, at the least, for new posts!

Read 20 Books/Series. I love to read, so I thought reading 20 books in 2020 would be a fun thing to do. But considering how fast I can go through your average 350-page book, 20 in 2020 sounded a little too easy. Therefore, I’ve extended this to books or series. If the series is less than 5 books, it counts as one. I asked people for recommendations on my Instagram story, any genre, any length. I want to try to read all of the recommendations to expand my horizons, and I’ll only count books I have not already read. If you have any other suggestions let me know!

Lose 15 Pounds. This particular goal is one I feel a lot of people do. Lose weight. Work out. Eat healthy. This goal for me is less wanting to lose this specific number of pounds, but to try and get my body back to pre-baby state, to an extent. In the year between giving birth to Zeke and getting pregnant with Theo, I didn’t do anything to get my body back in shape. If I really think about it, it’s been a good few years since I’ve actually been in shape, especially my very weak core. This is the year to change that.

I have a few other mini-goals – keeping up with a 1 Second Everyday video, not missing Sunday Mass, cook more/eat out less, things like that. I’ll post updates every once in awhile to see how these goals are going in hopes that this will keep me accountable. Hit me up if you want someone to keep you accountable for your goals, too!

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