the third month | two at twenty-two

theo’s third month faves: spitting up everywhere, his spaceship, and playing battleship with his kuya.

I truly cannot believe that it has been three months already, so much has happened. We celebrated his Kuya Zeke’s second birthday, his first Christmas and New Year, and he got his first set of vaccines. When I really think about it, this month has been the easiest so far because we had a lot of help over the holidays. For a solid two weeks, we had a steady flow of family coming to visit and help out.

Theo is definitely growing up. He sleeps a little better than before, lasting about 3 to 4 hours between feeds. I have to give myself a little pat on the back because by the time Zeke was this age, I had stopped breastfeeding. It’s been challenging, to say the least, because I’m not very good at taking the time to pump, so it falls solely on me to feed him. But that just means I’m tired, and that’s entirely my fault. I hope to do better with that. His Lolo and Lola bought him a cool swing/bouncer/spaceship-looking thing that helps him sleep without having to be held all the time, too.

He cries less, I think. Or maybe I’m just immune? But he’s definitely starting show more personality. When he’s dry, fed, and awake, he smiles and coos, and honestly I live for that. Every time I start to feel stressed or get frustrated, I see him smile and hear him coo, and that makes it all worth it. One of my favorite things about being a mom is seeing them grow and learn new things day-by-day. I love it so much.

During this month, Donald went back to school for his second semester, and I think we’re getting a hang of this. The first week was a little rough trying to get Zeke back into a schedule after such a long break of doing things whenever. But now, we are back in the swing of things. Zeke doesn’t seem as jealous of Theo anymore, and actually helps out sometimes by getting me diapers or maybe burp cloths. It depends if he knows where they are. He also tries to tickle him and make him laugh.

To sum up the third month in one word: better. He is sleeping better, we have a better routine, he’s holding his head up better, everything is slowly but surely getting better. And you know what? It can only get better from here.

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