the second month | two at twenty-two

theo’s second month favorites: still mom’s boob, screaming bloody murder, and tracking daddy. | blogmas day 19

I can’t believe the littlest nugget is two months old already. I don’t think I need to tell you that time flies so quickly. Personally, I feel great physically. I’m just very tired all of the time. We’ve gotten a better hang of this whole parents-of-two thing which mainly came with remembering how to handle an infant.

Donald finished his semester on December 6th, and the next day is when our mini vacay (read all about it here) took off. Traveling with him actually was not so bad. It helped that we stayed at Ate Mawi’s house instead of a hotel because it felt like home rather a vacation spot. He’s gotten better with his car seat, so we only had to stop a few times on the way to feed him. Other than that he was sleeping. I have also gotten better at breastfeeding in public. It’s still hard, though. Definitely hard.

On the Zeke-is-jealous front, we’re still working on it. He’s doing better. He at least acknowledges that there is a baby in his presence. Sometimes he’ll kiss Theo if we ask him, but his jealousy is still evident. He tries to pull me away when I’m in the middle of feeding or holding Theo. I have more strength now to get up and walk around while holding Theo, which makes things a little easier, but I can tell when Zeke gets sad around Theo.

He is still a little needy sometimes, but that’s getting better, too. There are days when all he wants to do is be carried. Those days are the hardest because I’m not able to get anything done. Although it’s necessary to just relax for a day, it makes me feel bad when there are lots of days like that.

Developmentally, Theo is doing great. As of his doctor’s appointment earlier today, he now weighs 11 pounds 3 ounces. Honestly, I think a majority of that is in his head because it feels so dense. He is 22 inches tall with a head circumference of 29 centimeters. He can officially fly on a plane because he got his first round of vaccines.

He still only sleeps 2-3 hours, sometimes four, at a time. He is beginning to coo and track movements. He has discovered that his hands are a thing and still loves to be tapped on the butt. He rolled over once, and that was cool. He is so, so loud. I mean he sounds like he’s being stabbed, loud. He spits up almost all the food he eats but still poops up a storm.

Here’s to a fun month three!