zeke’s birthday part 1: legoland | two at twenty-two

have you ever stepped on a lego? | blogmas day 21 (two days late, of course)

One of the greatest parts about having babies is that their admission is free to every theme park until they are three years old. If they are anything like me, they’ll be free until they’re five. Even so, we didn’t want to take Zeke to Disney for his birthday because we were worried he wouldn’t like it and we’d have spent all that money just to leave after an hour. Last year, we went to Sea World and it was a bust. Not only was it raining and the park closed early, but Zeke just wasn’t that into it.

This year, we found the next best thing: Legoland. It was actually perfect. Zeke was still a little too short to ride most of the rides, but he still had a blast. They have so much interactive areas of the park geared towards young children. I mean, what’s Legoland without a bunch of Legos lying around for you to play with? We let Zeke loose and guide us wherever he wanted to go.

Our first stop in the park was guest services to get Zeke a birthday pin which he proudly wore, until it hindered his running so we took it off. They have an all you can eat pizza, pasta, and salad buffet. Let me repeat. All you can eat pizza, pasta, and salad. He even got a dessert pizza all to himself for his birthday. He kind of liked it.

He loved Miniland USA and tried to climb over the barriers to play with the mini cities made of Legos. Essentially, he wanted to be Godzilla. In Lego City, we found a toddler play area where he went up and down the slide over and over again. He ran to the Lego safari and went on a ride with his dad to see Lego lions, zebras, and elephants. In the imagination/building zone, he did just that: build, build, build. There was even a little area with animated fish. He was all about that.

We were there the whole day, which is a success all on its own. Zeke was even able to nap in the middle of the day, so he was in a good mood the whole time. At the end, he played in a jungle gym designated for 2-12 year olds (because he’s two years old!!), and he saw Lego Santa Clause. All in all, it was an awesome experience only 45 minutes from our home in Lakeland.

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