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I started wearing make up when I was three years old. My sister and her friends thought it would be really fun to dress me up and make me over, essentially using me as a real life doll. In elementary school, I liked to go through my mom’s make up and asked if I could put it on. The answer was usually a resounding no. In middle school, I thought it was cool to put black eyeliner all over my lid and layer a single eye shadow on top to make it pop. It usually matched whatever I was wearing that day. In high school, it was more of the same, just a little something on my eyes. Only getting my mom to give me a full face for special occasions, concerts, etc. It wasn’t until my sister introduced me to make up tutorials on YouTube and bought me the original Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette that my obsession hobby took off. Since then, I’ve acquired so many different products, learned so many new skills, and my daily routine has evolved so much.

Even if I don’t get the chance to leave my house, I like to do my make up every day because I feel more like myself, something that can be forgotten when I’m at home by myself with Zeke and Theo. To me, make up has never been about trying to impress anyone or to make myself look better. It’s always been a form of self care, a way for me to express myself. These are the products I use in my current every day make up routine:

I can go on and on about make up, but I won’t for now. There’s a stigma about it that says people who use it are fake, but I don’t think that’s true. It’s another form of art. The beauty community is full of very talented people who just happen to use their face as a canvas. It’s fun to see what people can create, and I’m happy to be a part of it.

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